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    Pool am bunten bepflanzten Garten
    28. February 2019

    Your own garden as an alternative to “Forest Bathing”

    One topic that is now becoming increasingly important is the so-called “forest bathing”. This means consciously staying in the forest in order to specifically influence health and mind. In Japan, this has been scientifically investigated for decades. Research has shown that “Shinrin Yoku” or “Forest Therapy” has a positive influence on stress factors, the immune system up to slowed tumor growth.

    In Germany, people are now led into the forest in groups as well. The aim is to absorb nature with all our senses. To feel the power of a tree and the calm that it emmits or to listen to the sound of a stream. The essential oils produced by the trees, the terpenes, cause the increased production of white blood cells in our body. Germs and cancer cells are combated. Fungal spores and soil bacteria, which are absorbed via the air, additionally strengthen our immune system.

    A good approach. But who has the possibility to go for a walk in the forest every day as advised? This is where your own garden comes into play. “Gardens are retreats in an increasingly hectic world,” notes Peter Berg. After an exhausting everyday life, you long for peace and relaxation. A place in the house’s own green is ideal. Properly laid out, the garden is a real alternative to the forest. The right colour concept is important for the design. “My colour design is based on the colours that are most frequently given by nature,” explains Berg. Green in combination with the colours of the sky – white, grey, blue – give the eye oft he beholder the most peace of mind. A harmonious overall picture can only be captured if strong contrasts are avoided.

    If the design is supplemented by skilfully used woody plants you have a natural shade dispenser at the resting place as well as the calming and invigorating effect of the trees. If there is still the possibility of a flowing or splashing water element, nothing stands in the way of deep relaxation.

    Let yourself be inspired, for example by this wonderful private garden on the Moselle.