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    Peter Berg and Susanne Förster founded the company of GartenLandschaft Berg & Co. in the year 2000 with the aim of implementing a sensible business concept.

    The implementation of a good garden concept works best when planning, execution, planting and also further development via maintenance and upkeep of the garden come from a single source. In the gardens we’ve designed, our clients should be able to find relaxation and a sense of balance, and once again come closer to nature.


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    Natural and aesthetic garden design

    We create spaces for garden lovers and design enthusiasts from all over Germany and neighbouring countries.

    Although we individually adapt our garden concepts to the specific project, the consistent signature of Peter Berg’s design is always unmistakable. An important factor for us is the environment with its wealth of challenges and possibilities. We plan the gardens according to the needs of our clients and ensure a meaningful, valuable and aesthetic implementation by integrating our experience and philosophy into the horticulture and landscaping. Our designs also convincingly win over with smaller spaces. The result is functional gardens that are very easy to care for. We connect the inside to the outside and create spaces for living and recreation within green environments. In such contexts, the garden forms the transition from the architecture of the house to the surrounding cultural landscape.

    Small garden

    Our designs also convince in smaller spaces. With well thought-out planning and the targeted use of materials, more surface area can be created and the space optimally utilised.

    We create sustainable gardens

    We use natural, honest materials. Our gardens have a high-quality natural stone structure. We work with selected, highly durable trees, shrubs and grasses, which make the garden interesting in all seasons and also more attractive and valuable over the years.

    We work with a sense of passion

    We implement projects with enthusiasm thanks to our innate love for the work. Consistent further development of the potential of our team members through lifelong learning both from each other and with each other during everyday work and in team seminars, as well as the promotion of health and fitness, are all parts of our corporate philosophy. Top athletes are role models for our team in terms of motivation and performance. Thanks to our clients, who identify with their gardens just as much as we do, the pleasure inherent in our work is an added bonus.

    the Peter Berg team on vacation

    Logo of the TASPO award 2016

    Peter Berg on stage to accept an award

    We offer award-winning horticulture and landscape gardening
    Peter Berg has already received the TASPO Award, the “Oscar of the green sector”, for private gardens three times – in 2011, 2014 and 2016 – as Germany’s best garden designer. At the Federal Horticultural Show in Coblenz in 2011, the two projects by Peter Berg Gardendesign (at that time GartenLandschaft Berg) were accoladed with a gold medal. In 2014, our company also won the international trend prize “Building with Green” for the company garden of the Ahrweiler District Savings Bank, which was awarded by the European Landscape Contractors Association (ELCA) in the field of commercial greenery.

    Coworkers of Peter Berg in action

    “Garden knowledge” garden seminars
    Passing on his knowledge and inspiring people for gardens and nature means much to Peter Berg. As a consequence he also offers seminars in his own garden. Among other things, he aims to contribute in ensuring that the old craftsmanship of dry-stone walling does not die out, and so every summer a dry-stone workshop takes place in his garden. In a lively atmosphere and with a wonderful view, participants learn this craft in theory and practice over a course of three to five days.

    Garden rental
    If you are looking for an extraordinary location for your event, you can also rent the area consisting of around 3,000 square metres.

    If you are interested in our current range of seminars, simply contact us.

    Photos of Peter Berg’s garden can be found under “Slope garden”

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    Development & care

    A good garden is developed further and optimised through expert care. This is self-evident and a matter of course for us.
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