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  • Huge amount of colourful flowers around some stones

    Customer feedback

    “The best way to learn dry-stone walls is to build them. – O-Ton Mr. Berg and yes, it was a great and practical experience from which I benefited enormously thanks to the work in the group. As a beginner I felt very well taken care of and thank Mr. Berg and the whole team from the bottom of my heart!”

    Larissa Gruner

    1. Your team works very well hand in hand. It’s a pleasure to watch them.
    2. We noticed you have a very good eye for the design aspect.
    3. You’ve got a very good eye for detail and for the special features. That’s also very important to us.”

    Bernhard G.
    Upper Middle Rhine Valley

    “We thank you and your entire team for your extraordinary creativity and the outstanding implementation of both your ideas and ours in our garden. Looking back, you most certainly succeeded in taking into account all the wishes we expressed since our first contact! We’re very grateful to you for this and are already looking forward to the first fresh plant shoots in the new year.
    We’d also like to mention the extremely fair and transparent invoicing of your work. When it comes to surprises of this kind, working together is of course a lot of fun!”

    Matthias M.
    Rhine-Main Region

    “The quality of the garden is always demonstrated by how quickly the animals accept it. After just a single season, lizards, slowworms and even a carpenter bee felt at home in our garden. We’re totally excited about it and how it adapts its look during the course of the year.”

    Markus M.

    “Merci et félicitations à Peter Berg et son équipe pour avoir su transformer notre rêve de jardin en un jardin de rêve! Combinant nature avec harmonie et design, notre émerveillement n’a de cesse au fil des mois et des saisons.”

    Cathy and Pascal D.

    Slope gardens

    The slope is caught by rocks, dry-stone walls and terraces.
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