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  • Landscape designer –
    if nature, aesthetics & design are your calling.

    You wish for:

    • Sophisticated horticultural projects
    • Quality work in natural surroundings
    • Healthy work-life balance
    • Clients who value your work
    • A team that creates great things together
    • Individual advancement and career opportunities

    Then you should consider the profession of a landscape designer. Also for career changers.
    We’re also pleased to train young people and teach them meaningful activities as part of interaction with nature.

    Simply call us!
    02642 902970

    or write to us:
    GartenLandschaft Berg & Co. GmbH
    Wachtelweg 21
    53489 Sinzig-Westum

    Also by e-mail


    To get a better idea of our work, please take a look at our craft.