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    22. May 2024

    First place in the ‘TOP 100 planners’ ranking

    For Peter Berg and his team, 2024 has been a very pleasing year so far. With innovative slope design and sustainable natural stone plant combinations, our team not only secured first place in the ‘TOP 100 Planners’ ranking, but also received an award in the ‘Gardens of the Year’ Award 2024 from Callwey Verlag.

    This means that we have won the four most important horticultural awards in the German-speaking world in just nine years. These include the Elca Green Award, the Gardens of the Year Award, the Oase Award and the Taspo Award, all of which recognise the outstanding work of garden designer Peter Berg.

    A striking example of the philosophy is the project for an urban garden in Bonn, which won the ‘Gardens of the Year’ award in 2024. This project illustrates how sustainable garden design and the preservation of old trees and shrubs can enhance urban spaces.

    Peter Berg’s natural and aesthetic garden design has established itself as a trademark – the ‘BergStyle’ – through the innovative use of natural stone. This style is characterised by the transformation of difficult slopes into impressive garden landscapes and unique plant-natural stone combinations.

    We are delighted to have received these important awards. It shows us that our philosophy and passion for sustainability, natural stone and the fusion of nature and design is being recognised.

    You can find more ‘BergStyle’ projects here


    Winning garden ‘Oasis Award’ in ‘BergStyle’


    Winning garden ‘Gardens of the Year 2023’, Peter Berg and Petra Pelz


    ‘Gardens of the Year 2024’ award


    Peter Berg’s own garden