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    28. October 2019

    A great conference in Cracow.

    Cracow, Poland: From 18-19 October, Peter Berg was invited as a guest lecturer to the ELCA (European Landscape Contractors Association) conference.

    In his lecture “Nature. Aesthetics. Design.” he spoke about the design elements he uses in his garden projects. Following the Japanese example, he uses natural stone, plants and water for an aesthetic and natural garden design.

    Among the approximately 100 participants were well-known landscape architects, garden designers and students. The encounter with the English garden designer Jo Thompson (Best in Show Chelsea) was a special highlight.

    In addition to the conference with top-class lectures, excursions to important parks and gardens were also on the agenda of the expert audience. Over the years, these excursions have developed friendships with colleagues in many countries, openly communicating and sharing expertise.

    Cracow convinces among other things with good restaurants, much life at the river and an interesting surrounding field, with the proximity to the high Tatra. The city is not too big and does not have the uniform character of many modern cities.