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    Team beim Skilaufen im Schnee
    12. January 2018

    Team Seminar 2018

    For the fourth time in a row, the GartenLandschaft team with managing directors Peter Berg and Susanne Förster spent a week in the snow. The team training with cross-country skiing and personnel development, taking place every January, was carried out this time in Ramsau. Peter Berg personally assumed responsibility for training on the skis. Due to his decades of experience also in the competitive arena, he was able to help with the performance of the participants and contribute to improving their individual techniques. With two training units daily, the participants quickly established the transferability of what they had learnt to everyday work processes. Conversations after dinner with the personnel developer, who reflected the experiences in an intensive process, also contributed to this.

    Physically and mentally strengthened and with new motivation and fresh team spirit, the participants began their journey homewards.