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    Management employee Simone Ries in a green garden

    Simone Ries
    What began as an internship has now lasted for 11 years. I learned technical drawing for mechanical engineering when it was still real manual work on the drawing board (so, obviously, a long time ago). My love for gardening then led me to GartenLandschaft. But as a non-expert, I was still able to start afresh and learn the office tasks that take place in the background of a horticultural and landscape gardening company. Although I’m not directly involved in the construction of the wonderful gardens, it fulfils me to be part of the team and contribute to the overall success.

    Employee sitting on grass working

    Anna Kuptz
    Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University in Freising. My areas of responsibility range from planning projects to the planting and care/development of gardens. The exciting thing about my tasks is the interaction between design and execution, and the corresponding possibility of testing the methods applied in theory for their meaningfulness in practice.

    Apprentice Fabian Brauchardt on a natural stone wall

    Fabian Brauchardt
    I am very pleased to be working with Peter Berg Gartendesign in cooperation with the Gartenbauschule Langenlois as part of their talent development programme. For half a year I support the team like a journeyman in the construction of the great garden projects – a great opportunity to show my competence and to expand it further.

    Maximilian Hardy apprentice at GartenLandschaft Berg

    Maximilian Hardy
    I was born in 1997 and have been a member of the GartenLandschaft team as an apprentice since the summer of 2016. I began my training as a horticulturist and landscape gardener because I like to work physically outdoors. I particularly like working with natural stone and doing planting, and I’m happy if I can participate with my creativity in garden projects.

    Employee sitting on a natural stone in a garden

    Moritz Klebeck
    The landscape gardener (born 1983) started as a trainee and worked his way up with skill and patience to become the right hand of the site manager. He’s also a gifted dump truck operator.

    Employee carrying a big stone plate

    Martin Pitzen
    During the last 12 years with the company, I’ve specialised particularly in operating the machines. My great passions are clipping hedges and operating the excavator – even in daring applications, meaning with precision excavators. My creative streak is also trained on every new construction site. As a career-changer born in 1982, I’m very useful in all areas due to the passion of my bosses for passing on their knowledge and skills.

    Horticulturist Phillip Schimek in front of a natural stone wall

    Phillip Schimek
    After 5 years of training at the Fachschule für Gartenbau in Vienna-Schönbrunn I can finally start as a gardener in the team of Peter Berg Gartendesign. The demanding gardens are exactly my thing, because my whole commitment is demanded.

    Apprentice Marcel Steiner next to a big natural stone

    Marcel Steiner
    In my training at the renowned Langenlois horticultural school I learned a lot – in horticulture and in dealing with the plant. I now use this knowledge in the context of Peter Berg Gartendesign’s semi-annual talent development programme. Working in a team is a lot of fun for me and I am happy about my progress.

    Gardener Petalla Dietzen on a bench

    Petalla Dietzen
    When I’m outside, I’m happy. As a trained gardener I am at home in nature. So it is my dream job. I am very interested in planting on slopes and terraces. Peter Berg Gartendesign is just the right person for me.

    Management employee sitting on a stone wall

    Susanne Förster
    Managing Director (born 1968). Gardening and landscaping have been my vocation and passion for the last 34 years. In addition to joint management with Peter Berg, my main tasks are calculation and quotation preparation, discussing orders with customers, project management, construction site logistics and invoicing. My ability to read the topography of the location, the architecture of the buildings and the visual axes allows me to familiarise with and implement Peter Berg’s concepts and design ideas. At the same time, the image of construction site logistics comes about in my mind. Access options, required machines and equipment, competent site staffing and possible work sequences and procedures all go together to form the basis for my subsequent calculation. I work out creative details as the site manager during implementation of the project.

    Portait of Peter Berg in front of a grey wall

    Peter Berg

    In joint management with Susanne Förster I take over the creative part. In addition to conceptual work, participation at the construction site is still very important to me – for example directly influencing project development and training the employees, which I mainly do myself.

    I learned to train efficiently and in a result-oriented way from my trainer, Henner Misersky. At the same time, he also showed me how this can be transferred to the company.

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