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  • For Peter Berg and his team, 2024 has been a very pleasing year so far. With innovative slope design and sustainable natural stone plant combinations, our team not only secured first place in the ‘TOP 100 Planners’ ranking, but also received an award in the ‘Gardens of the Year’ Award 2024 from Callwey Verlag.

    This means that we have won the four most important horticultural awards in the German-speaking world in just nine years. These include the Elca Green Award, the Gardens of the Year Award, the Oase Award and the Taspo Award, all of which recognise the outstanding work of garden designer Peter Berg.

    A striking example of the philosophy is the project for an urban garden in Bonn, which won the ‘Gardens of the Year’ award in 2024. This project illustrates how sustainable garden design and the preservation of old trees and shrubs can enhance urban spaces.

    Peter Berg’s natural and aesthetic garden design has established itself as a trademark – the ‘BergStyle’ – through the innovative use of natural stone. This style is characterised by the transformation of difficult slopes into impressive garden landscapes and unique plant-natural stone combinations.

    We are delighted to have received these important awards. It shows us that our philosophy and passion for sustainability, natural stone and the fusion of nature and design is being recognised.

    You can find more ‘BergStyle’ projects here


    Winning garden ‘Oasis Award’ in ‘BergStyle’


    Winning garden ‘Gardens of the Year 2023’, Peter Berg and Petra Pelz


    ‘Gardens of the Year 2024’ award


    Peter Berg’s own garden

    We are delighted to be part of the new issue of “Gardens Illustrated”. The stunning photos by Marianne Majerus and the report by Tony Spencer show our project in its full splendor.

    “Gardens Illustrated” is undoubtedly one of the most respected magazines for garden lovers and experts worldwide. Each issue of “Gardens Illustrated” features the world’s most beautiful gardens and insights from top designers and plant experts. The magazine publishes 13 issues a year.

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    Our apprentices have done great this year, securing second and third place in the best graduations in NRW.

    What makes this achievement even more remarkable is the fact that our trainees supported each other in their learning. They formed a great team and motivated each other to do their best.

    We are proud to have such dedicated and talented apprentices in our company. They are a role model for others and show that hard work and team spirit can lead to great success.

    Congratulations to our apprentices on their outstanding achievements!

    We are excited about their future successes and will continue to support them so they can reach their full potential.

    Garden Design Day takes place in Oslo and is an annual event for anyone interested in garden design.

    This year, Peter Berg has been invited as a speaker. He specialises in transforming seemingly impossible plots and slopes into exciting spaces by using stone and an exciting choice of plants. He introduced and inspired the participants to the art of stone setting and garden planning in his talk.

    The enthusiasm of the participants was very high and they would like to visit some of the presented gardens in September.


    Inspiring garden design by Peter Berg can also be found here:

    To the projects

    Together with the expert for plant concepts, Petra Pelz, this wonderful exceptional project in Lower Saxony was created. “Pure and sustainable garden.”

    The garden is located in the Lower Saxony region of Hanover and is fascinating to us because the property has been 100% planted – including all roofs.

    We developed the concept for the corresponding stone structure, height staggering and the terrain modelling. The woody plants were selected together with our client for the respective situation. Petra Pelz used this template to enliven the area in her very special style. The planting was done by our team according to her specifications. A harmonious, natural overall concept of architecture and garden.

    Take a look at the beautiful garden now! To the project